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Testimonials 1

“My girl, Ericia had her first lesson with Alex.I was extremely impressed with his patience. I was amazed at how fast she was able to hold her breath under water and start the motion of swimming. Thanks StyleSwim for directing me to an absolute wonderful swim coach. I will highly recommend him to everyone who is keen in learning how to swim.”

“My boy, Zachary has overcome his phobia of water. His instructor has made the lessons productive as well as fun for my son. His coach is EXCELLENT! He pays attention to the ability of each student.

We are very happy with the progress my son has made. Thank you teacher Alex.”

Testimonials 2

“Swim Coach Christina has been coaching my 2 kids. In their weekly swim lesson, Coach Christina has displayed tremendous enthusiasm and diligence in her instructions. I’ve never seen so much progress in swimming as in this short time with her program … the kids have learned so much! She is very friendly and able to communicate with children well. As a result, both my kids have greatly enjoy their lessons and progress well.”
– Mother > Mrs Khoo (WaterMark)

“I would like to thank teacher Christina for her wonderful teaching. My 2 children have been taking swimming lessons from her and have overcome the phobia of water. Christina is so friendly and patient and flexible with all her students .She is very approachable and communicates well as her instructions are simple and clear. I would highly recommend Christina to anyone interested in swim lessons from beginner to experienced, child or adult.”
– Mother > Chow Cheng (Yishun Sapphire)

“Your individualized, patient and gentle teaching methods have been just what we needed . We are extremely happy and satisfied with the teaching and service she has provided. Our kids loves the water and eagerly awaits swimming lessons every week. Christina and her swim instruction technique are easily described in one word – “fantastic”! Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our appreciation.”
– Parents > Sophia, Wendy and Jas (Yishun Sapphire)

Testimonials 3

“Elvin is an exceptional swim instructor. My son had swim lessons prior to meeting Elvin and he already knew many of the basics. Elvin now works with my son to improve his style as well as teach him some of the more difficult swim strokes. The swimming techniques that Elvin teaches are fun, functional and are taught to be for swimming competition. Elvin’s greatest attribute is he is wonderful with children! Thanks Elvin!”
– Parent> Mr Wilson (Amaranda Condo)

Testimonials 4

“I got to know StyleSwim through my friend, I register myself for the private class with Jessie. Before meeting Jessie, I was apprehensive about swim lessons, but now I can swim on my own. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have greatly influenced me in my swimming progress. Thanks clot for your encouragement and support given to me even though I have been slow to pick up the skill. I would recommend you to my friends who wish to learn swimming.”
– Student > Ina (Atrium Residence)

Testimonials 5

“Steve is very professional when coaching the children swimming. He understands the strength and weaknesses of his students. Under the guidance of Mr Steve, all our children now already know how to swim the proper strokes and techniques. We sincerely think that it is his patience and understanding with the children and his passion for swimming has won many parents heart. Thank you very much for his professionalism. We highly recommend the instructors and the school to parents who are serious about their children learning how to swim using proper techniques.”
– Parents > Patrick, Mrs Tay, and Mdm Kang (Delta Swimming Complex)

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